5 Beauty Hacks to Help You Look Fab for Under-The-Mistletoe Moments

It’s our favorite time of the year!

The non-stop festivities, huge food spreads AND most importantly, having tons of opportunities to dress up and put our makeup on!

But as much as we like piling on makeup and donning our best face forward, it can get pretty hectic with the huge number of parties to attend or worse, to HOST one ourselves (yup, we are lazy that way)!

So to help you out during the upcoming Holiday season, we have 5 super easy beauty hacks to help you look glamorous all day long through to the end of the day under-the-mistletoe moments!

Holiday Hair

We know how intimidating those complicated holiday hairstyles can be. If you don’t have the time or the co-ordination to create those complex multi-braids, opt for a pre-woven clip-on one!

Create a simple up-do and clip on the ready-made braid or pop on a braided hair band to finish off the look. For those pesky winter flyaway’s, grab a toothbrush (preferably not the one you used last night ;-)), spritz it with hairspray and gently comb down problem spots.

Holiday Eyes

Again those smoky eye makeup’s that look effortlessly glamorous on models, might not be everyone’s piece of cake.

So to glam up your eyes when on the run (Christmas food isn’t going to cook itself), simple use gilded falsies. Put on a pair of false lashes, flecked with a little sparkle, and bat your way through poor cooking skills (no one is judging).

Holiday Cheeks

Nothing says glamour like the hint of a highlighter swept above your cheekbones.

We are not asking you to go all Kim K this Christmas, but a little sparkle here and there won’t hurt. Use a good moisturizer like Triana Miami Vitamin C Plus Cream or Magic #14, put on a hydrating foundation and finish off with a swipe of your favorite highlighter.

Holiday Pout

Pucker it up with Red.

Choose your favorite red color and put it on for some instant glamour. Add a little peppermint oil to your lip color to plump them up like Kylie Jenner’s in a flash.

If you have chapped lips from the dry weather, simply dab your used green tea bag from your morning cup to soothe them down.

Holiday Legs

It might be cold outside but there is no harm in donning your favorite cocktail dress for an indoor’s gathering.

Combat dry, flaky legs with a DIY scrub using sugar and olive oil and flaunt them as you please!

Written by Rida Sadiq — December 17, 2015