Wedding Season: The Importance of Bridal Skin Prep

It’s wedding season! So the skincare professionals behind Triana Miami’s all natural products are sounding off with a bridal routine for glowing skin.  Several months before to the big day, brides should commit to a regimen which serves to cleanse, exfoliate, brighten, moisturize the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


We recommend cleaning every morning and night using the Blended Seaweed and Rosehip Cleanser, ideally with a lava rock or pumis stone. To employ this all natural tool, you take the lava rock, add the cleanser and make small circular motions all around your face and neckline.  Arms and feet are a good idea too.

Following cleansing, use the Natural Seaweed Clarifying Toner once a day and add our Magic Oil. It absorbs right away. Used once a day, the Magic Oil is a super moisturizer that is even great for oily skin.

In AM, follow this with the Anti-oxidant Vitamin C +.

In the PM, after cleansing, apply the PM Algea Extract Cream or the super intense RP Complex Cream.

For hydrated skin around the eye area, use the Nourishing K, DCX and Arnica cream once a day.

To prep your body for surround sound photos during your big day and for the wedding night with your new hubby, plump all the right places with our Body Contouring Cream. It will add a subtle change in skin texture and leave your body looking great.

Happy prepping to all of our Triana Miami brides!

Written by Dawn Triana — June 04, 2015