Summer Is Coming - Skincare Hacks

Specialists on our Triana Miami new product team are preparing to release our new sunscreen offering this Summer. As we head into those days of sun and fun, we want to share information on how to protect yourself from harsh UV rays. Check out key life hack tips to winning Summer as you wait for our sunscreen to drop….

Humidity makes pores more visible. Add in an extra round of exfoliation every week to combat it. 

Stay out of direct sun during the prime hours of 10AM - 3PM.

Before a beach vacation, build up your skin’s sun resistance power by wearing sunscreen every night for at least two weeks. 

It’s so important to hydrate your body. Drink lots of H20 and eat fruits to help your skin stay soft & moisturized.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information about the upcoming release of our long awaited sunscreen. Find all your skincare product needs at

Written by Dawn Triana — May 15, 2015