A Power Couple For Less! #BFF10

Never underestimate the power of a good cleanser, specifically Triana Miami Skincare Blended Seaweed and Rose Hip Cleanser ($23). This naturally derived and luxurious cleanser provides a deep, lasting clean while also assisting in collagen and skin cell regeneration. The rosehip seed's oil easily absorbs into the skin without any sort of greasy residue. It sinks in and helps protect against dry, cracking skin and premature aging. This ingredient was added due to the growing amount of research pointing towards the importance of oil as a cleansing component.

Every good product follows the buddy system, meaning there’s often the case that partner products start to emerge. Blended Seaweed and Rose Hip Cleanser has a BFF: Triana Miami Skincare Vitamin C+ ($28). This skincare powerhouse is packed with Vitamin C, squalene, and jojoba oil. Vitamin C firms and evens out the often tumultuous tone of the skin, while the squalene and jojoba oil work to deeply moisturize and sooth both visibly and underneath the skin.The effect is a glowing softness that provides immediate and lasting repair. Now through April, use the code BFF10 on our website to get a special discount on the power couple which creates the perfect base for a fresh-faced look that you can either enhance with makeup or leave to shine on its own. 

Written by Dawn Triana — April 10, 2015