Miami Beach Turns 100 - How to Go & Glow This Weekend

This weekend, the City of Miami Beach is celebrating its 100th anniversary. There will be parties, concerts, and art exhibits paying tribute to the legacy of our vibrant and beautiful community. And there's more to this exciting community Centennial moment. City leadership made a special effort to educate locals & tourists alike about the importance of protecting our special aquatic ecosystems. The emphasis on ecological conservation and clean Miami waters inspires us to pay special attention to our personal hydration and preservation. With awareness of healthy skin care habits, we can encourage our bodies to prepare for a 100 years of glowing beauty -- just like our historic city! 

Follow along as the Miami Beach 100 social media accounts experience these momentous events! We’ll be following on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And check out our wide variety of organic & all natural skin care products which empower you to develop that healthy Miami glow known all over the world. Here are some of our favorites which combat harsh environmental combatants:

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Written by Dawn Triana — March 27, 2015