Play Hard But Stay Clean

As an active woman, Triana brings back my feminine side.


I was born in the Midwest part of the United States, but I’m now living in the warmer climate and constant sun of Central America -- which really suits me. I love being able to spend my free time on the beach, surfing, relaxing or swimming -- or spending the evenings dancing the night away. When I’m not at the beach, you’ll probably find me paddling around the lakes near my home on my kayak or a paddle board, or biking in the early mornings before the heat sets in.


Of course, being so active out in the heat also means my skin takes a beating. After a weekend on the beach, I usually arrive home with my bags stuffed with sand in every corner, everything in need of a really good cleaning -- including me! One of the good parts about getting out and playing hard is also the exquisite feeling of coming home and regrouping, washing up and getting a good night’s sleep.


That’s where products like Triana Miami’s Naha Exfoliating Gel really come in handy. When my skin has taken another beating, a good scrubbing with an exfoliant is just such a great feeling. I love being able to get that smoothness back to my skin after so much hard play.


And of course, I also have to take care of my skin and protect it from harmful UV rays -- so that’s where Triana’s Magic #14 comes in. After a long day on the beach or on the bike, it brings back that natural glow and protects my skin from more damage.


I may be an active person who’s often on the road or on the trail -- but that doesn’t mean I don’t love to be clean and feeling good!

Written by Dawn Triana — March 13, 2015