March is Nutrition Month

One thing I can't get enough of in our society is our need to make up different holidays at random. It's fun and gives us a reason to celebrate almost anything we feel like celebrating! This month, for example, is nutrition month. So let's dive into how our nutrition can impact our skin.

What you eat matters, but of course we already know this. Growing up when your mom urged you to eat your vegetables, she was actually trying to help your body get the nutrients it needs and help your skin look flawless. Antioxidants are good for the entire body, including skin, and are found in fruits and vegetables.


While fruits and vegetables might be the most obvious way to eat your way to healthy skin, there are some other healthy options that have a great impact on skin. Green tea is great for skin, with it's excess of polyphenols. Salmon can help your skin appear younger by helping improve skin's elasticity.

Of all the random holidays we create, it's time to take Nutrition Month seriously and examine your diet. Look into foods that can help improve your skin's health.

Written by Dawn Triana — March 06, 2015