The Truth About Smoking

Unless you grew up in the Mad Men era, you were probably told all your life that smoking kills. Yet, amazingly enough, Miami is filled with locals and tourists alike, puffing away at their cigarettes while sipping on their coladas. My goal of this post is not to shame all the smokers, as everyone is entitled to make their own decisions, but simply to point out the side of smoking that doesn't really get talked about: how smoking impacts your skin.

Since we live in the sunshine state, there are already things we have to take to protect our skin. Using sunscreen, finding shade, or wearing protective clothing help us protect ourselves from harmful ultraviolet rays, but when it comes to smoking, the only way to prevent the impact the bad habit has on your to not.

Smoking (and even using straws in your drinks) creates wrinkles and ages your skin. Smoking actually decreases the flow of blood, which prevents the skin from getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs to be healthy. Elastin and collagen give our skin it's elasticity and strength, and you guessed it, smoking damages collagen and elastin.

So do what you want to your body because as the kids say these days, YOLO. But you only live once, you only have one body, and you should love the skin you are in.

Written by Dawn Triana — February 27, 2015