The Weather And Your Skin

While the rest of the nation has been dealing with snow storms and cold weather galore for months, we have been overly blessed here in South Florida with beautiful winters. This year however has proven to be colder than winters in the past, and this week alone has caused local Targets to run out of space-heaters.

Sometimes when the weather changes, we can get off our normal routine. Like right now, for example, the people of Miami aren't just throwing on flip flops and heading out the door. Socks and shoes are required for this brisk weather. But more than our clothing routine can be disrupted by an extreme weather change, our skincare regimen can also be one of the first to suffer when it gets cold outside.

Since anything under 75 degrees is unbearable here in Miami, it's possible a lot of us don't know how to keep going with our lives in this cold! I exaggerate, but I have a point. Moisturizing becomes extremely important when the weather drops, as our skin tends to get dry in colder climates. This can lead to itchy spots and skin cracks if we don't properly moisturize, but that's not all that can be done. People know to moisturize their skin. Lotions are very popular in any kind of weather. Exfoliating gels and creams, however, don't get enough attention. While lotion will moisturize your skin, exfoliating will help remove the dead skin cells resting on your body's surface.

Brace yourselves, Miami. This weather won't be around much longer, but make sure you keep up with your routines so your skin won't know the difference between this week and next!

Written by Dawn Triana — February 20, 2015