Gift Baskets: The Perfect Valentine's Day Treat

This week has been full of energy. Singles scrambling to find dates, lovers scrambling to find gifts. We've done some scrambling of our own to send some sweet treats to some of our favorite local bloggers. Gift baskets are a great, even if you're looking for a last minute gift idea. All you need is a cute container and a few different items inside to show someone special that you were thinking of them. Gift baskets are thoughtful, fun to make, and easy to put together... especially when you fill them with great products like ours!

For our Galentine's gifts, we've hand-selected some of our favorite Triana products, like our signature Vitamin C+ Cream to give these ladies that Miami glow we love so much. No Valentine's gift is complete without something sweet, so of course we've added some candy to each basket. Want to know more about our Galentine's?


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Written by Dawn Triana — February 13, 2015