Triana Miami’s Skincare Resolutions 2015

With every start to the New Year comes a host of  New Year’s resolutions-- all too often forgotten by the second week of January. Trust us. We feel you. Setting life-changing goals isn’t always, but the dream of gorgeous and healthy, glowing skin can certainly be attained.

That’s why this year we’ve got your back with Triana Miami’s Skincare Resolution Guide. Resolve to make 2015 the year of healthy, glowing skin!

Keep it clean, ladies

Miami is known for it’s warm, humid temperatures.  While this can actually be great for the skin, it’s also the perfect environment to encourage bacterial and fungal growth.  No matter where you live, humid environments like steamy bathrooms can cause bacteria to spread to your skin care products.  Make sure your hands are always clean before using any skincare products and don’t double-dip! Using products with pumps or droppers, like Triana Miami’s Magic #14 serum, can help prevent this issue. Just be sure your skin doesn’t touch the applicator!

Kick-Start an Anti-aging Regimen

No matter what your age, if you haven’t started an anti-aging regimen now is certainly the time to start. Using high quality products is a must to effectively negate and prevent the signs of aging. Our Nourishing K, DCX and Arnica eye cream is a great place to start. Harnessing the botanical power of  these natural skin care agents, it’s a perfect anti-aging eye cream to prevent the dreaded crows feet. Follow-up with our favorite anti-aging night cream, the RP Complex Cream, to reduce wrinkle depth and soften the signs of aging.

Protect From The Sun

Miami is no stranger to sunshine with our essentially 365-day summer. By far, applying sun screen is the most important part of your skin care process. Never leave the house without sunscreen on during the day, it is better to be preventive than to worry about skin damage later-- not to mention undo all the positive effects of that anti-aging regimen! Using products with anti-oxidants--an agent well-known to protect against sun damage-- can help. Use SPF in combination with Triana Miami’s Vitamin C+ cream for the perfect skin care solution. Chock-full of antioxidants plus the rich moisturizing properties of Squalane and Jojoba Oil, this advanced cream repairs damaged skin and improves tone and texture.

As the saying goes-- it’s a New Year, New You! Make 2015 the year you achieved a perfect glow with Triana Miami’s effective and natural skin care products.  


Written by Dawn Triana — January 09, 2015