Triana Miami’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, with plenty of delicious treats enjoyed with family and friends. And while you’re munching down on leftovers this weekend, it’s the perfect time to gear up for the holidays ahead with a little online shopping (call it multitasking).

There’s nothing like the feeling of giving the perfect gift to a friend or that special someone, and who doesn’t appreciate looking and feeling good  for the holidays? That’s why we’ve rounded up a few of our top suggestions from the Triana Miami skin care line for the perfect gift solutions for men and women alike (and maybe one or two options to #treatyoself too) all conveniently available for purchase on our website and Amazon store.

Stocking Stuffers: Our Peppermint Bead Cleanser is hugely popular with both men and women and conveniently makes for the perfect stocking stuffer! This multi-tasker gently nourishes and cleanses skin while exfoliating beads do the heavy lifting to remove dead skin cells. The result: Bright, dewy skin with a refreshing hint of peppermint.

Men’s Packages: Whether they’re grooming pros or could use a little...encouragement, the men in your life will love the look and feel of Triana Miami’s Men’s product line. We highly recommend the Post Shave Soothing liquid which leaves skin feeling smooth and cool. Follow up with Triana Miami’s Men’s Seaweed Toner and Se-Ha Seaweed Moisturizing Gel for a man that will look and feel great and thank you for it.

Women’s Packages: Getting a complete, high quality, luxury skin care package is an ideal gift for any woman. Our recommendation: Start off with the Peppermint Cleanser as the stocking stuffer teaser, then continue to surprise and delight with our Natural Seaweed Clarifying Toner, Naha Exfoliating Gel and the ultra hydrating Magic #14 serum.

BONUS POINTS: Throw in an extra stocking stuffer or gift with the BRAND NEW Vitamin C Plus Cream! With sales of the cream beginning December 5th, this hot ticket item combines the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C with the rich moisturizing properties of Sqaulane and Jojobo Oil.

This holiday season, give the gift of looking damn sexy with Triana Miami’s signature Miami Glow. Because nothing says “I love you” or “Thanks for being my friend/mom/dad/sister/brother” like healthy, glowing skin.


Written by Dawn Triana — November 28, 2014