The Plus of Vitamin C Skin Care

Triana Miami is thrilled to announce that we’ll be including a brand new product into our skincare line! In keeping with our philosophy of incorporating only the finest, most effective ingredients into our products, we’re happy to report that our Vitamin C Plus Cream will soon be available for sale on our website and Amazon store.

While great nutritionally, Vitamin C has been well established as an effective skin care agent topically as well. Known for a of host anti-aging and skin enhancing benefits, this cream can have powerful results when incorporated into a thoughtful skincare regimen. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on this exciting development. Meanwhile, here’s a few perks to look forward to from this high performance skin care superstar:

  1. Strengthens and protects skin from environmental toxins and UV damage
  2. Boosts collagen production
  3. Diminishes wrinkles
  4. Repairs sun-damaged skin
  5. Reduces age-spots
  6. Calms inflammation
  7. Can improve the effectiveness of more advanced exfoliation such as peels and microdermabrasion
Need we say more? Stay tuned for updates and look forward to Triana Miami’s signature Miami Glow with the launch of the Vitamin C Plus Cream!

Written by Dawn Triana — November 14, 2014