Masters of Style: 4 of Our Favorite Beauty Bloggers

As a Miami beauty brand with a line of locally produced natural skin care products, Triana loves to stay on-trend and up-to-date on the latest looks in beauty and fashion. That’s why we look to the pros, many right here in our Miami beauty paradise, who share expertise in skin care & beyond on their blogs. Each with impeccable taste, personal flair and dead-on style-- we’re highlighting a few of Triana Miami’s favorite beauty bloggers of the year.

Maria Tettamanti - The Wordy Girl

We couldn’t kick this list off without proudly repping one of Miami’s own-- Maria Tettamanti. Recently named by Racked Miami’s Best Fashion Blogger for 2014, the chic blogger certainly represents the city well with her clever writing and enviable fashion sense. A real gal around town, Tettamanti is not only the editor of her own successful blog but also a contributor to HuffPost Miami, The Miami Herald, and Allure magazine among others. Her blog posts on the include her latest musings on luxury fashion, travel and beauty, but we particularly love this blog for its humorous, personal touches that reflect Maria’s vibrant personality.

Annie Atkinson - She’s In the Glow

Annie Atkinson’s impeccably curated blog details her latest beauty finds at She’s In The Glow. The self-proclaimed “skin obsessed” beauty expert offers an impressive-- and quite specific-- guide to the entire beauty spectrum. The face, the eyes, hair, nails, technique, treatments-- whatever your beauty qualm or question this girl has got you covered. And it’s no wonder considering Atkinson has styled for the likes of Michael Kors, worked for Chanel Beauté and Fragrance and is a contributing editor to Teen Vogue and Refinery29. This fashion insider knows what’s what when it comes to beauty and you will too once you’ve perused her favorite beauty must-haves.

Rae - The RAEviewer

Skin care, makeup, clothes, hair, fitness-- this beauty blogger and YouTube allstar does it all. Pretty much the cutest thing we’ve ever seen, Rae nails it in her popular “how-to’s” where she provides detailed reviews and gives us the scoop on the hottest beauty trends. She emits the quintessential cool-girl but down-to-earth vibe, which makes watching her videos and reading her blog at all the more enjoyable. The best part, however, is that Rae keeps it real. She’s honest, giving us all the pros and cons on a wide range of styling products along with monthly beauty must-haves.

Ginger Harris - Electric Blogarella

Of course, this list would not be complete without Miami it-girl, Ginger Harris. Featured in numerous national magazines and a contributor to many local publications, Ginger’s name is essentially synonymous with Miami fashion. A status punctuated by the fact that she holds the position of Shopping Insider for the state of Florida at  On her blog, Electric Blogarella, she keeps us all in check with her edgy, sophisticated style and latest fashion finds.

We love including the tips and tricks of these pros in our own beauty regimen using Triana Miami products. Find helpful insights on our blog and peruse our site for top-notch luxury skin care products.

Written by Dawn Triana — October 24, 2014