Pre and Post Halloween Skincare Guide

Who doesn’t love Halloween? We’re all for any holiday that gives us an excuse to get glammed-up and shows off our creativity with makeup, hair and costumes. Though the days of trick-or-treating are behind us (sadly), that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the occasion with full fervor, boogying on the dance floor with friends.

But all that fun can come at a cost. Halloween nights are often synonymous with binging on candy, gulping sugar-filled drinks and plastering the face with thick makeup before crashing late at night. That can lead to awaking the next day to dull, lifeless and broken-out skin. Scary! But have no fear, just follow our tips to avoid looking like a zombie post-Halloween.




The Pre-emptive Face Moisturizer: Before showtime, take the time to give your skin some extra nourishment before applying costume makeup. Halloween makeup is thick and can be very drying for the skin, so it’s important to start with a hydrating serum like our Magic #14. Be sure to put special attention to the eyes, where the skin is thinnest and most easily damaged. Try our Nourishing k, dcx and arnica eye cream which is ultra-hydrating and chock-full of nourishing  properties that will prevent puffiness and provide a protective barrier.


Drink Water:  If you really can’t resist the sugary candies and drinks throughout the night, try to balance out your sugar intake by alternating with a cup of water. Sugar is well-known to cause breakouts, but water can help flush out some of these toxins and keep your skin hydrated throughout the night. A definite must-do on our list!


Cleanse: This one is an obvious no-brainer, but sadly all too often overlooked. No matter whether you’re a ghost, ghoul or a sexy cat, be sure to remove all makeup before you go to sleep! Start off by soaking a cotton ball in our powerful Chamomile and Aloe Makeup Remover and wipe off excess makeup. Then give your face a deep cleanse with the Blended Seaweed & Rose Hip Cleanser. This gentle face wash also does the heavy lifting to remove dirt from pores. Plus, rose hip is known for skin rejuvenation while seaweed calms skin with anti-inflammatory properties.

Tone & Moisturize: Make sure to give your skin the extra love it needs by clarifying the skin with Natural Seaweed Toner. This provides much needed re-hydration and balances PH levels. Finish off with the Algae Extract PM Therapy Cream. This lush cream utilizes the superior hydrating properties of algae to restore and revive skin.

Take the time to follow these simple steps and your glowing, vibrant skin will thank you in the morning. And find all Triana Miami products on our website.

Written by Dawn Triana — October 16, 2014