4 Steps To A Golden Miami Glow

 While we welcome the cooler months (and the opportunity to pull our favorite sweaters from the back of the closet) the one part of summer we just can’t quit is the bronze glow of sun-kissed skin. Between Miami’s standing as a multi-cultural epicenter attracting caramel-colored citizens from around the world and nine months out of the year at 80 degree temperatures-- the city has a reputation for sexy, barely-clad ladies sporting year-round golden hues. For that confidence-inducing glow throughout the year follow these insider’s steps to the coveted “Miami Glow”--without any of the damaging effects of UV rays.

1. Cleanse

The build-up of dead skin cells and dirt is often the culprit behind a dull complexion-- not to mention the cause behind blackheads and acne. Start by removing excess dirt from the face with our nourishing Blended Seaweed Rosehip Cleanser. This deeply cleansing face wash purifies and hydrates the skin with seaweed extract and vitamin-rich rosehip seed oil. As the seasons change from warm to cold it also gets drier--wreaking havoc on the skin. Using a cleanser that moisturizes as it scrubs away dull skin is key to a vibrant complexion.


2. Exfoliate

Properly exfoliating is a crucial step to healthy, glowing skin and is especially imperative before using a self-tanner. Once excess residue is removed, apply our powerful Naha Exfoliating Gel. Spread a thin layer of the gel over the entire face and neck and leave on for one to three minutes, depending on tolerance. It is normal to feel a tingling sensation as the potent fruit acids and alpha hydroxys dissolve surface oils, dead skin cells and debris that clog pores.

3. Self-Tanner

Applying tanning lotions-- particularly to the face-- is tricky business. Done wrong and it can look more like a Halloween pumpkin contest. But when done right-- well, it can look like you’ve just returned from a Florida vacation cruising with the Kardashians themselves. That’s why we recommend starting with a tanner that doesn’t go overboard in color intensity and builds gradually. We love Clarins’ Golden Glow Booster for just this reason. Not only does this unique formula come as a hydrating serum but it can be added to a regular-use daily moisturizer. Add just a few drops of the serum to a Triana Miami AM or PM cream and get a great sun-kissed look plus all the anti-aging and regenerating benefits of our tried and true ingredients.

4. Bronzer

Finish off the look with just a touch of a bronzer. Using a thick brush, apply to the cheek bones and along the chin, forehead and nose. For an added glow before a night on the town add a bit of shimmer to the cheekbones and you’ll be ready for a night on South Beach.

Written by Dawn Triana — October 08, 2014