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Starting Your Skin Care Routine

Having your own skin care routine is not just about vanity. Nowadays, with the climate change and the never ending existence of various pollutants in the environment, protecting and maintaing the way your skin looks is an extreme necessity. A regular skin care routine not only improves the look of your body's largest organ, the skin, but it also prevents signs of skin aging. Most of all, it can keep your confidence at a high level.


Know Your Skin

While it is true that there are many types of skin care products out there which can give you the assurance of healthy looking skin, all these products will turn out to be useless if you do not know your skin type and you end up using the wrong product for your skin. Identity if your skin is normal, oily, dry, sensitive, a combination of any, or perhaps sun damaged. You will know your skin type by personal observation, and/or with the help of online resources identifying skin types. You can also visit a dermatologist who can suggest special products which will work best on your skin. And don't forget to  use our anti-aging night cream.


The Right Cleanser 

Not all cleansers work best on your skin.  Therefore, make sure to find the one tailored to your needs. This may call for several attempts and observations. Start with a Make Up Remover and then look for the best facial cleansers. Once you find the right one, stick to that cleanser. Try our Peppermint Bead Cleanser and the Blended Seaweed and Rosehip Cleanser. They are the best facial cleansers. Generally, liquid cleansers are better as opposed to the solid ones. Refrain from using bar soaps on your face as they can result in skin drying. Remember that the skin on your face is delicate; you cannot just apply any product to it.


Exfoliate Well

An Exfoliation Gel is a vital step in a regular routine of skin care. It is a good way to refresh your skin, since it scrubs all the dead skin cells which can cause clogging of pores. Dead skin can also cause dryness as well as the surfacing of acne. For best results, exfoliate once a week. However, be careful not to be overly harsh on your skin. 


Tone Your Skin

Generally speaking, the cleanser should be able to remove excess oil on your face, however toner can be used to make sure all traces of makeup residuals and dirt are completely removed. Our Natural Seaweed Clarifying Toner is absolutely necessary. If you notice that it is working well on your skin, you should stick to it.


Moisturize and Moisturize

Regardless of your skin type, it should be moisturized well. However, the right amount, and the right type of moisturizer should be selected as well. RP Complex Cream, Biogenic Hyaluronic Acid Cream with Squalane and Algae Extract PM Therapy Creams are the best facial moisturizers. But be careful, over moisturizing can also lead to the clogging of pores, therefore make sure that the right quantity is applied.


Protect From The Sun

By far, applying sun screen is the most important part of your skin care process. For better results, you can get a moisturizer which also has UV protection to get 2 in 1 benefits, for a less expensive price. Never leave the house without sunscreen on during the day, it is better to be preventive than to worry about skin damage later. Stay tuned to our website to see our newest Sun Screen product coming soon for both guys and ladies.





Written by Dawn Triana — March 31, 2014